Sheepskin Cushions NZ

Why Buy Sheepskin Cushions in NZ

When you’re looking for comfortable cushions for your bed or sofa, sheepskin cushions in NZ are designed with both comfort and breathability in mind. Unlike most cushions, sheepskin cushions don’t retain moisture, so for those hot summer days in New Zealand, these cushions are perfect for lounging on your sofa or bed. During cold winter nights, the material will keep you warm and comfortable. If you’re redecorating your family room or formal lounge area, adding a few sheepskin cushions contributes style to the furniture, making it feel welcoming and cosy. Our sheepskin cushions are available in a variety of colours, so no matter what your room’s theme is, we have cushions to suit the area.

At Bowron Sheepskins, we stock a range of high-quality sheepskin items for you to add to your home’s décor.

Benefits of Sheepskin Cushions

If you want to add some cushions to your home but aren’t sure which fabric will not only match your home’s décor, add style and comfort, and will also offer health benefits, then you should consider our sheepskin cushions. They are soft, luxurious, and silky to the touch. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when you invest in sheepskin cushions.

  • Heat regulation. Due to the wool in the cushions adapting to the change in the atmosphere, sheepskin cushions will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer; there is no need to change your cushions each season.
  • Easy to keep clean. One of the best benefits of using sheepskin cushions in your home is that they are easy to clean. Vacuum your cushions like any upholstery, and spot-clean spills immediately to avoid a stain.
  • Allergy safe. As the cushions are 100 percent natural, they make the perfect addition to homes with people who suffer from allergies. Because sheepskin contains natural oils, these cushions won’t soak up odours, so they’ll always smell fresh.

Caring for Your Sheepskin Cushions

When you invest in sheepskin cushions, you’ll want to keep them in the best condition possible to make them long-lasting. You can do many things to prevent damage to your cushions and keep them looking brand new. Here are some tips for you to remember to care for your new fluffy sheepskin cushions.

  • Be aware of sunlight. Just like most fabrics, direct sunlight can damage your sheepskin cushions. To prevent fading, keep your cushions out of direct sunlight. You can do this by either keeping your curtains or shades closed or putting up lace curtains to block out most of the direct light.
  • Soak it up. As soon as anything is spilled on your cushions, use an absorbent cloth to soak it up immediately; this will prevent your cushion from getting stained.
  • Forget the machine. Sheepskin cushions should never be washed in a washing machine. It’s recommended that you wash your cushions by hand to prevent damaging them.

About Bowron Sheepskins

Bowron Sheepskins was established in 1879 by two brothers committed to providing the community with high-quality products. Today, customer satisfaction is still our number one priority. We ensure that all our products are made from the best quality materials and have a limited impact on the environment.

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