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While Bowron Sheepskins cowhides make ideal floor coverings, their range is limitless in usage and functionality. Their variety extends from rugs to wall pieces to infant and pet care, all manufactured with quality and comfort in mind. Unlike traditional interior décor, cowhides are hypoallergenic, ideal for home furnishings.

Key Questions to Ask Bowron Sheepskins About a Cowhide Rug in NZ

Bowron Sheepskins provides exceptionally high-quality products with a distinct difference in their pre- and after-sales service. A knowledgeable team member is always ready to assist you in choosing your perfect piece.

  • What is a cowhide rug? A good-quality cowhide rug consists of the skin and hair of the animal that undergoes a tanning method called the Whitan Process. This breakthrough process is kind to the environment and results in a long-lasting and unique floor covering for areas of homes and offices.
  • Which sizes are available, and how do I choose the ideal dimensions? The sizing depends on the animal that the hide came from, which will vary. The average size for a cowhide rug is between 36 and 41 inches long by 26 to 31 inches wide, offering a broad sizing range. When choosing a size, consider the area and shape of your room, and choose a size to complement these measurements.
  • How are they made? Suppliers choose hides based on their distinctive patterns and their intact form. Each hide goes through a curing process involving salting and washing that takes approximately two weeks. This stage removes any odours and prevents the hide from moulting. The next stage is a tanning process that ensures the hide remains soft and retains its natural colouring.
  • What should I place under my cowhide mat? Although larger rugs are less likely to movement, placing your rug over a carpet may cause movement over time. Cowhide mats work best when you place them on hardwood flooring or non-glossy tiles, as the substrate tends to stick to these materials. If you are worried about your rug sliding, a foam underlay, non-slip adhesives, or speciality tape can assist in keeping your rug in place.
  • Are cowhide mats durable, and how do I keep them clean? Leather is both durable and robust, making it an ideal material in premium cowhide rugs. Good-quality cowhides last far longer than their inferior counterparts, making them worth your investment. A regular vacuum in the direction of the grain can prevent the build-up of dirt. Steam cleaning can also keep your mat looking new but be careful not to make it too wet. Treat spills immediately by soaking up any excess liquid and rubbing the area with organic soap.
  • Will my cowhide mat lie flat? For transport purposes, rugs may require folding, which can result in temporary wrinkles. Ironing the leather side of your rug will straighten out the creases. Thinner cowhides are more prone to curling edges, also referred to as ‘cigaring’. Even top-quality cowhides can curl at the corners when they are impacted by direct heat. Lightly spray the area with warm water, place a towel on top, and add some heavy books onto the edges, leaving the setup overnight to flatten.

Myths About Luxury Cowhides

There are many misconceptions about cowhides that may hold you back from investing in one. Bowron Sheepskins tackles these myths to highlight how safe and functional their range is:

  • Cows are only used for their hides. Most suppliers salvage the hides from cows raised in the meat and dairy industry. The hides are natural by-products of the trade and have no use to the industry. We handpick the very best quality skins to provide a vast array of cowhides in NZ.
  • Cowhides contain toxic chemicals. Unlike carpeting and tiles, leather is a natural material. Each cowhide goes through the Whitan Process, which is both gentle on the hide and kind to the environment. While this practice preserves the hide, it does not leave any chemical residue behind, resulting in a safe-to-use floor covering solution.
  • You should not buy cowhides online. While it’s an exciting experience to shop for cowhide rugs in person, it’s not practical for everyone. The Bowron Sheepskins online store provides clear installation images of their items, detailed descriptions, and easy payment options. They provide a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience so that you can make an informed decision on your preferred rug.

Solving myths about cowhides will enable you to enjoy a worry-free shopping experience. If you still have any doubts, Bowron Sheepskins has an experienced team ready to answer your questions.

Fast Facts About Cowhides

Cowhides provide multiple uses to humans. This material’s popularity continues to grow thanks to its durability and robust nature. Did you know:

  • One cowhide is big enough to produce around 18 footballs.
  • The biggest supplier of cowskins by volume is Brazil.
  • The word "tanning" originates from a Latin word meaning oak bark, which was the original source of the tannin that preserved the hides.

Why Trust Bowron Sheepskins Regarding a Premium Cowhide Rug?

Since the late 1870s, the Bowron family has perfected their craft of sourcing and manufacturing top-quality cowhides in New Zealand. From finding the most uniquely patterned hides in Brazil to creating and following their benchmarked Whitan Process, Bowron Sheepskins continues to evolve to provide a high-quality range of products that customers have grown to trust. From their soft and supple underside to their glossy coat, the offerings of Bowron Sheepskins reflect only the best-quality cowhide rugs, beanbags, and clothing.

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